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Hi 👋 I'm Sam, the founder of MobileMSK.

I'm also a medical student pursuing a combined career in clinical medicine and innovation. When I'm not working, I enjoy training for endurance sports and skiing. I also love movies, music, hanging out with my family, and playing with our dog, Bode.

In 2015, I had my first of two surgeries for recurrent shoulder dislocations which kicked off a 5-year rehab journey, as well as a deeper commitment to my personal health and wellness. I was also exposed to telemedicine and explored the idea for virtual physical therapy which has become quite popular.

During my first year of medical school, I started networking and doing research in my free time. I wanted to form a startup to expand the capabilities of healthcare software, starting with the musculoskeletal space and going deeper than virtual PT.

Ultimately, I realized a major opportunity with back pain (high prevalence, top expense category, crossover to general medicine/wellness) and digital health funding was soaring. I stepped away from the MD program to see how far I could push the startup in 12 months.

MobileMSK has received about $50,000 of support from organizations like the Medical Alley Association and Microsoft. We are not currently fundraising, but we welcome support as work to launch our first commercial healthcare product soon.

Chief Product Officer, Apurv Sibal, has a strong background in data science, machine learning, and asset management. He brings a unique blend of technical expertise and business acumen to the MobileMSK team.

Prior to joining MobileMSK, Apurv held various leadership positions at ShortHills Tech, WorldQuant Predictive, and CallE. As a consultant and data scientist, he leveraged his programming skills to develop innovative solutions for clients across industries.

Apurv also has a passion for community development and sustainability. He has served on the Board of Directors for the Community Development and Sustainability Organization (CDS) in Kenya and has volunteered his time as a swimming coach for the Students' Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh.

Apurv holds a Bachelor's degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, where he served as President of the Entrepreneurship Development Cell and published 7 research papers. As the Chief Product Officer of MobileMSK, Apurv is dedicated to driving innovation and delivering high-quality products that improve patient outcomes and advance the field of healthcare technology. In his free time, he enjoys swimming, playing water polo, and hosting "The Product Life" podcast on Spotify and YouTube.

Amitoj Sandhu joined MobileMSK as a Business Development Consultant.

He holds a degree in neuroscience from UCLA, where he also served in national-level leadership positions and worked with start-ups. Amitoj has managed operations and logistics for a Fortune 500 company servicing TESLA - honing his intuitions for account management and learning how operational decisions ripple through an organization. He also has experience with clinical research operations, managing cardiac device trials at UCSF.

Amitoj is drawn to create life-changing solutions at scale in the realm of healthcare innovation. He is currently enrolled in a Master's program in Biomedical Engineering and has publications in the field. His desire to contribute to a better healthcare system led him to MobileMSK, where he is motivated by the magnitude of challenges affecting patients with back pain.

Rishad Usmani, MD is the founder of HealthTech Investors and a board member at Halo Health. He is a practicing family physician, an active investor and an advisor to startups in the healthcare space.

Rishad earned an Hons. B.Sc. from U of T, an M.D from St. George's University and completed his residency in family medicine at UBC. He previously launched a startup called ClinicUp, which closed down in 2022. He runs a podcast called Learning with Rishad and a weekly newsletter on healthcare, investing and entrepreneurship.

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